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Nike and Christian Dior Are Now Among the Top 3 in the World

Nike and Christian Dior Are Now Among the Top 3 Largest Apparel Companies in the World

According to Forbes Global 2000 companies, Nike, Christian Dior and Zara-owner Inditex are the top three apparel companies in the world. The ranking was determined by four metrics: sales, profit, assets and market value. Of the 2000 public companies, only 29 spots were awarded to apparel companies. Amongst these were fashion giants such as Hermes, Burberry and Coach. High fashion house Christian Dior is ranked #216 of the 2000, credited to its $41.6 billion USD in sales, $1.7 billion in profit and $68 billion USD in assets. Nike came in #261, as the sportswear giant recorded more than $32 billion in sales. Lastly, fast-fashion retailer Zara clinched the third place spot with recorded revenue of $23 billion USD.